Creative Ideas On Using Free Music Loops

What is a music loop? Basically, it is not just an ordinary music sample. It is a small part of sound that is being repeated continuously. These music loops have various uses. You can even create your own music loop, if you are up for it. What you need is just a little squeeze of creative juice. Find out some of the creative ideas on using free music loops.

Music loops are incredible tools that can be used as background music in projects, videos, TV programs and even on websites.

If you are setting up a new website to promote your product, then why not consider adding a music loop onto your website? Music loops can be used as background music in websites. It is ideal to add music loops into your site, as it will help to relax your visitors and make your visitor's browsing experience a pleasant one.

If you are able to choose the right kind of song, then the song will also serve the purpose of company branding and hence giving the company or product a unique identity.

While you are in the midst of searching for the tracks that you want to use in your website, do remember that you are not allowed to use copyrighted tracks. These tracks would refer to the kind of tracks that are produced by a music companies like SONY or BMG and such.

For example, if you already have thoughts of using a track from Madonna's album, you should just forgo the thought. Tracks like those are known as 'copyrighted' tracks. You are not supposed to use them. Even if you want to, you will have to purchase a license, and that will definitely cost you a bomb.

So what you can do is to use royalty free music or tracks that are available on the Web. These tracks have to be purchased first before you can use them. Royalty free music loops are available anywhere. You can use them over and over again, with no limit. Use them in videos, projects and even websites, without the need to worry about infringing the legal rights.

You can also choose to use the music loops as background music for radio reports, news specials and many more. You can even create your own horror movie! All you need is the right kind of effects and music loops to create the desired effects.

Sometimes, you would want to use a professionally done music loop, especially if you are setting up a new site for a client. There are royalty free tracks out there that are created by well-known composers. They produce royalty free music tracks that are as good as the ones you listen from the radio.

You can also tweak your music loops and cut them short. People usually do this when they only want a certain part of the music for their project.

There are many uses of the music loops. You just need a little bit of imagination if you want to make full use these royalty free music loops and tracks.

The Evolution of the Modern Musical

One example of a musical film that has successfully transferred to the stage is Summer Holiday, which starred Cliff Richard. It may be hard to imagine how a film of a double-decker bus travelling through Europe can be shown on the stage, but it can work with a bit of imagination from the director and the crowd themselves.

Pop music has not had a long history in the theater but now the plays being produced are as likely to be centered on modern groups and not just the stars of the past. Love Me Tender and the Buddy Holly Story show alongside more recent musicals such as Grease, which covers the music of the same era but started life as a film.

Children's films are also moving to the stage and there has been a great deal of effort put in to make the stage appear to represent the plains of Africa for The Lion King. Beauty and the Beast may have been one of the earliest films to transfer from celluloid to the boards but its production was nowhere near as adventurous as putting on The Lion King. This is certainly a good way to get young people to see a night at the theater as a good night out rather than just something for their parents.

Another interesting example of the modern musical genre is Rent which has been adapted from 'La Boheme' but with a contemporary twist. The artists of 100 years ago played characters suffering from tuberculosis whereas the modern-day characters have AIDS or HIV. There will be audiences here that would not consider going to La Boheme will associate with rent.

There is a long tradition of musical films being moved to the stage and vice versa but now films that were not musicals are being adapted. Sister Act had songs already in place, but when the decision was made to make Legally Blond a musical, the songs had to be written or chosen especially. Despite being called The Wedding Singer there were songs that you would associate with being a musical number but the play features titles such as Let me Come Home and Today you are a Man.

Some stage musicals have taken music from a particular artist although the storyline has no link. Mamma Mia tells the story of a single mother being reunited with the possible fathers of her daughter based around the music of ABBA, while We Will Rock You is not even based on the same planet as Queen. Both of these make full use of classic songs but giving them their own meaning with a new story.

The modern musical seems to be thriving and producers will be encouraged by the reaction to their productions. There does not seem to be a limit to the films that can make it onto the stage and the advent of reality TV shows to choose leading men and ladies for the next big production has proved hugely popular for the audience and wannabe stars alike. Having the public vote for the singer to play Maria in the Sound of Music will be an encouragement for them to go to see it.

Start Your Own Music Business Program

Everybody knows there's money in music but the whole industry sounds so cabalistic that it excludes nearly 99% of the population. The traditional model of promoting music is so top-centric that only a few record producers manage to survive and succeed, following a time and tested music business program to success.

Technology, however, has perhaps the greatest influence in flipping that model over its head. With new softwares and gadgest, it's now very easy to produce a music video or arrange a music through preset melodies. Through the Internet, promoting music and selling your CD has never been so easy. YouTube, metacafe, MySpace, even Facebook are just some of the sharing sites people frequent to upload their videos.

If you dream of producing your own music or starting your own music business program, there's actually a way to do it without being tied down by the traditional industry model. Forget about books, seminars and workshops which usually result in the speaker and organizer getting rich at your expense.

Instead, try to join a music business program online instead. The project-based scheme seeks to create savvy music entreprenuers by training them on the basics of production, design and marketing online and teaching them the ins and outs of the business. The best thing about it is you can already earn money, while you are still working to perfect your skills to become a record producer or an artist.

These online programs give you hands-on experience and prepare you for the shark-infested world of music production. But you have to tread carefully to make sure you are making the right choice. It's easy to be cheated online especially if the sharks smell an easy prey (that means you) fishing in the water.

Once you're enrolled. You are not left out there alone because you are assigned a team to produce a CD, simulating real-world conditions rather than just studying theoretical applications. The team is a diverse group of invidiuals, such as lyricists, arrangers, musicians, or event organizers, with different skills to contribute to the CD-making process.

The subjects include step-by-step process on how to start a business, how to run it using a successful template, and how to promote and market your CDs.

Even the most basic requirements in every music business program like what artists you should look out for based on their appeal, genre, and talent, and how to package them to maximize their potential by teaching you about creating a strategy and pointing you to the right marketing tools to promote them better.

One of the tools available to reach out to the largest possible audience is submitting your completed tracks to Neilson Soundscan, which tracks audio and music video sales throughout the World Wide Web. After your artists have developed a fan base online through CD tracks, you can now schedule a marketing blitz by having them tour the circuit like mall appearances, concerts, or autograph signings to create a buzz for your talents.

They also have directory of contacts that you can approach and link up if you are ready to test your product. But don't worry, once your talents have developed a reputation, thanks to a very reliable music business program, record producers will beg to have a meeting with you, not the other way around.