How Pop Music Originated

Pop music or mainstream music is a genre that has always been close to the heart of music loving audience. The type of music that is considered pop today is not the same type that was considered popular a few decades ago.

Popular music started from the type that we now consider as classical music. Sometime later after that, there was a considerable development in the field of pop music. At one point the music that was under the genre "pop" are sentimental ballads. This included gospel and praise songs. Jazz and country songs also became popular and were considered mainstream. Another type was hip hop and was seen as music for the masses as well as for teens and young adults. Dance and electronic music also had their share of fame.

As music can be viewed as an item that can help fuel their own industry, they needed to connect closer to the masses and the most people of the world. This is how pop music came into being. From the poor masses, the middle class individuals and to the elites, this type of music became interesting to them. As there is great interest that is given to it, pop music was able to create more jobs for recording artists, composers, publishers and a lot more.

The invention of the microphone, the improvement in its design and the capability of 45 rpm changed the way music has been transmitted through radios and records. And a few decades after, the television became the most popular technological advancement in terms of media. Not only are the pop artists heard, they are also seen on TV. Their talents were taken to another level. After the television's invention, multi track records and digital versions of music took the scene. This even upped the way people listen to music and the degree by which they can access it.

In the mid 20th century, popular music was mostly the field of American recording artists. The two most famous artists at that time were Michael Jackson and Madonna and were dubbed as the King of Pop and the Queen of Pop, respectively. There were also British artists or artists with British influences who made it in the mainstream music scene.

Later on, different artists from different regions in the world emerged and were known internationally. This is where pop music started to create a monoculture of sorts for all of us. Also, for each of these regions, there are certain influences that are considered pop. They might be different from one region to another but the worldwide trends converge into the same definition.

Another situation was seen that the most parts of the world's music were influenced by Western pop. From America and Europe, the trend spread to other parts of the world. It can also be that the specific regions gave their own music their own flavor and cultivated it. Today, pop music has grown and is still the most loved music style by a lot of people.